Moonstone Bracelet

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    • BENEFITS: Wearing Bracelet helps you to sync with the energy of that particular stone. Moonstone- Stone for Peace of Mind and emotional balance as its related to the moon, it helps to reduce anger and aggression. Many use this stone to reduces stress and helps in improving attentiveness and thereby improving the management of the tasks and duties. Moonstone is an excellent stone for women as it has a positive impact on their hormonal balance. It eases pain during menstruation and childbirth.
    • CERTIFICATION / QUALITY: “Charged by reputed Reiki Grand Master“ Ms. MEERA JHA to deliver its maximum healing benefit. Her healing touch has reached >10,000 individuals lives in India, USA, Europe & Australia. High quality standards through a 3 step quality check process.
    • PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: Material: Gemstone, Color: white, Diameter: 2.3 Inch, & Weight: 15gm(approx) / 0.03lb
    • HOW AATM IS DIFFERENT: We are a healing company and not just a product company. All our products and services are backed by more than 9 years of healing & consulting experience. We aspire to bring happiness through transformation to the lives of people around the globe. We are truly committed to bring happiness to your life.
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