Crystal Orgone Pencil Pendant

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    BENEFITS: Crystals Quartz is the best and powerful stone for manifestation. It brings clarity of once thought and desire to self by removing all confusions. Once you program or set your intention to this stone, it will constantly put your intention out into the universe, to help becomes reality, even when you are not thinking about it. Quartz is also called a stone of healers.
    CERTIFICATION / QUALITY: “Charged by reputed Reiki Grand Master“ Ms. MEERA JHA to deliver its maximum healing benefit. Her healing touch has reached >10,000 individuals lives in India, USA, Europe & Australia. High quality standards through a 3 step quality check process.
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: Material: Gemstone, 1.25 (L) Cm 3 (H) Cm 1.25 (W) Cm , Weight: 7 Grams
    HOW AATM IS DIFFERENT: We aspire to bring happiness through transformation to the lives of people around the globe. We are truly committed to bring happiness to your life.

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