Amethyst Vogel Double Terminated Wand (Set of two) (1.7 Inch)

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Brand: Aatm Collection

Product Code: GAPC-335

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    BENEFITS: Crystal Wand helps to enhance the vibration of a particular space and also helps to direct energies in a particular direction. Amethyst - One of the most effective Stone for healing. Amethyst is an excellent stone for diplomats, negotiators and business people. Amethyst is used for all type of severe pain. Dispel angle, rage, fear, anxiety. Inspire and encourage meditation, selfless giving, and service to humanity
    CERTIFICATION / QUALITY: “Charged by reputed Reiki Grand Master“ Ms. MEERA JHA to deliver its maximum healing benefit. Her healing touch has reached >10,000 individuals lives in India, USA, Europe & Australia. High quality standards through a 3 step quality check process.
    PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: Material; Gemstone, Height: 1.7 Inches Weight: 6-9 Grams (Per Piece)
    HOW AATM IS DIFFERENT: We are a healing company and not just a product company. All our products and services are backed by more than 3 years of healing & consulting experience. We aspire to bring happiness and transformation to the lives of people around the globe. We are truly committed to bring happiness to your life.

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