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Copper Designer Lota Kalash


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This Handcrafted copper Lota available in wide ranges of designs from basic or Hammered style to Contemporary floral Prints which perfectly matches with your healthy lifestyle. This sustainable Lota is leak-proof and can be used at home, office, travel, and gym. It is easy to carry as well as to keep the water fresh for long hours. With its nicely crafted shape, it is comfortable to hold this Lota on go; it also appears as an antique which fulfills your needs to be classic. This environment-friendly Water Glass has been opted by many people to avoid the use of plastic. With its durability, it can be sustained for years if properly taken care of. According to ancient Indian practices and lifestyle, the copper utensils is known ? to purify water and gives many health benefits. The copper bottle can be used by travelers who are in constant need of fresh and clean water while traveling to a remote location. The copper bottle gives maximum benefit if water is kept minimum for 3 hours and maximum for overnight. You can opt for different sizes of copper utensils available with us.

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Weight 175 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm