Hotels & Spa

Hotel or Spa is a place people visit to have a relaxing and healing experience. Along with eye soothing and peaceful ambience. Aatm Collection is based on the concept of true well-being. They are known to spread healing and wellness through their healing gemstone and healing metal products which is reiki charged.


Bathing with stones

Bathing is one of our important daily ritual. Whenever one feel some disturbed energy, it is said that if you take bath your energies will change and you will feel better. As our body is made up of 70% of water it is believed that water has important role in our healing process. If one uses stones while bathing, experience would be very different. As water will carry healing power of stones.

Enhance energy of your space

There are few stones consider attracting highest Universal energy in the space it is placed. Pyramids are one of those shapes helps in this process of attracting Universal energy. Therefore, pyramids made of stones are best to place in your room experience different level of energies.

Enrich Ambiance of your space with class and elegance

Home decor made of brass with Reiki charged,when placed as per Vastu helps you to create a space with soothing experience and positive vibration around.Many a time just doing this will help you get rid of many uncomfortable feelings &situations of your life. Brass also carries its own aesthetic and traditional value to add a glimpse of elegance to your space.

We have products to cater to different segments of society like:
  • A. Hotels
  • B. Spa
  • C. Hospitals
  • D. Personal space
  • E. Professional space