Our Story

Aatm’s founder – Meera, before she devoted her life to wellnesslifestyle,served as a corporate employee. Spending years behind a desk she felt something amiss and thus began her journey to find her missing link. And little did she know, her journey to the open skies of Rishikesh isjourney to her true home. After years of learning Yoga and mastering ancient healing methods, she found a true meaning of “wellnesses”. Realizing that the current world is driven by money or momentary pleasures, made her think about her friends and family in cities, who are still living the same life. Listening to her aatm (soul), she knew her calling is to introduce people to the authentic lifestyle and wellness. And years later what we have today is a wellness and lifestyle coach who is helping thousands of families across the globe with gemology, healing metals, lifestyle souvenirs, and products which help us to built a soothing ambiance with mix of positive energy around us.

Aatm Collection - is an enabler of your soulful journey in this hectic world. With an exclusive collection of handcrafted souvenirs and lifestyle products, AATM is dedicated to bring positive energy inside your home and office spaces.

When We Started

AATM started its journey in 2016 with 50 products in semi-precious gemstone and with a team of 2 members. In 4 years of journeys, AATM had a wonderful journey and immense growth. Today, we have 700+ products in semi-precious gemstone, brass & copper handicraft

What We Offer

Aatm is a healing company and not just a product selling company. All the products are Reiki charged by Reiki grand master Meera Jha.

High quality standards through a three step quality check process.

Brass's aesthetic value makes it a popular choice for decorative gifting. Combination of auspicious symbols with Vaastu in Brass and other metal, makes it a value gift for every occasion. Health value attached to copper and brass , makes it a popular choice for daily use kitchen and lifestyle products.